Maya Modi, Artist





“I want to help people discover the confidence to be creative”



Story time!

Hey! Howdy! Hi! I’m Maya, the creator of Maya X Kiwi, Kiwi is my cat! After teaching high school art for a number of years, I left to teach private watercolor workshops around Dallas. I LOVE catering to women who need a creative detox from everyday stressors!! The thing is, I learned the people that need this outlet the most, are the ones who can’t attend my workshops! One day, a few moms had to cancel their reservations to my workshop because they couldn’t get a sitter. Disappointed, they asked if I could just mail them all the materials… of course… I had no idea how to do that! Fast forward three months, and I had figured it out!

“You don’t even need to draw!”

The solution? My Do-It-Yourself Watercolor Kit (patent pending)!! Launched in 2018, the DIY Watercolor Kit is a chic, modern, tool for painting at your own pace. Inside is everything I would teach in a beginner or intermediate watercolor workshop, but packaged together in an easy, convenient, and affordable way. The biggest perk? You don’t even need to draw!” By eliminating the most intimidating aspect of painting, drawing it, you’re able to enjoy the whole process of watercolor.

“Personalize your home!”

The instructions are simple enough to follow, yet flexible enough to put your own twist on it. I’ve always told people, if you don’t want to hang it, I didn’t do my job. Not only will you feel proud and relaxed, you’ll notice more confidence in your creative abilities. You’ll actually WANT to hang your new artwork to personalize your home!