• What is your minimum number of guests for virtual instruction?
    At least 10 participants.
  • How much in advance should I schedule the workshop?
    I prefer at least one month, but the sooner the better!
  • How long do the workshops last?
    Everyone works at different paces, but it's best to allow 1.5- 2 hours for the class.
  • Most of us have never painted before, are your classes suitable for beginners?
    ABSOLUTELY! I've made my kits fool-proof and additionally, I'll be there virtually to help everyone along! I can also recommend some more simple designs for people that are truly uncomfortable.
  • How will you host the virtual class?
    I can host via GoogleMeet (all guests must have a google account) or if you have a paid Zoom account, we can utilize that instead.
  • Are there any discounts available for large parties?
    The pricing above includes an 18% discount, but if you have a specific budget you are working with, contact me and I'll try my best to accommodate you.
  • Do you offer classes for corporate clients?
    Yes! Absolutely! I've worked with a number of companies (like Pinterest, Etsy, Chewy, and Moet Hennessy) for team-building workshops!
  • What if everyone wants to paint a different design?
    That's perfectly ok, but I won't be able to provide step-by-step instruction. Instead, I can "jumpstart" everyone with the practice guide and offer my tips and tricks while everyone works independently with the included written instructions.