Baby Elephant

Designed with warm browns, oranges, and a sunkissed violet, this baby Elephant is certainly more challenging than my other kits because it utilizes more *wet on wet* techniques. I recommend practicing on the included "how-to" guide and please keep in mind that no-two elephants look alike! Don't be intimidated, this kit is a lot of fun if you're comfortable with watercolor!

This Kit was specifically designed as part of the Safari Collection for expecting or new moms, along with this Giraffes friend, the Safari Elephant. Paint them together as a gift for your future child to hang above their crib or bookcase!

Do it Yourself: WATERCOLOR KITS!! A Workshop To-Go (Patent Pending)

If you want to learn to paint but can't make it to a workshop, this DIY Watercolor Kit is for you!! Beginner-friendly and easy to use, all the supplies are included so you can paint this artwork and frame it in your home!

By eliminating the most intimidating part of the painting (drawing it) I've created a process that is easy and relaxing. Just like an adult coloring book, the painting is pre-outlined, so all you have to do is follow the simple directions and fill the colors in. Not only are they convenient to travel with, but they also make the perfect creative gift, activity with friends, or starter kit for those who want to explore a new craft.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Easy to Understand Instructions with Reference Image
  • Practice Guide for Techniques
  • Built-in Paint Palette
  • Pentel Reusable Aquash BrushPen ($7 retail)
  • (8x10in) Pre-Outlined Image (that's right, you don't even have to draw!)

* Travel-Friendly: Simple and compact design is perfect for painting at airports, parks, or coffee shops!
* Eco-Friendly: Printed on cotton-based professional paper!
* Animal-Friendly: Paints do not use ox gall or any animal by-products